Competition Age Groups
If you are between the ages of 7 to 19 and have a deep desire to represent your city and
state in America’s Top Beauty Competitions, then we would love to have you participate.
Jr. Pre-Teen Ages 7-9
Pre-Teen Ages 10-12
Jr. Teen Ages 13-15
Teen Ages 16-19
Competition Titles
The 2008 America’s Top Beauty Competitions has regional, state and national phases.
Young ladies from each age group compete for a city title.

For example:
Miami Jr. Pre-Teen Top Beauty Miami Jr. Teen Top Beauty
Miami Pre-Teen Top Beauty Miami Teen Top Beauty
Winners from the regional competition in each age group compete for a state title.

For example:
Florida Jr. Pre-Teen Top Beauty Florida Jr. Teen Top Beauty
Florida Pre-Teen Top Beauty Florida Teen Top Beauty
Winners from each state competition will compete for the national crown in their respective age group. 

For example:
America’s Jr. Pre-Teen Top Beauty America’s Jr. Teen Top Beauty
America’s Pre-Teen Top Beauty America’s Teen Top Beauty
Areas of Competition
There will be no “Swimsuit” or “Talent” competitions in this production. Winners will be chosen based on three categories:
Random Act of Kindness
Each contestant will meet with a panel of expert judges who will determine which young lady had the best Random Act of Kindness.  The winner will be announced during the competition production.
Casual Wear Competition
During the competition production, each contestant will be judged on how well they model their favorite casual outfit on stage. A special choreographed routine will be taught during the pre-competition coaching session.
Formal Wear Competition
Immediately following the “Casual Wear Competition,” each contestant will be judged on how well they model their favorite floor-length evening gown on stage.
Each judge for this year’s competition was chosen based on their professional expertise either in competitions or motivational experience and a direct connection in working closely with the community.
Tallying the Votes
After each participant has been scored in all three “Areas of Competition,” the judges will tally their votes and determine which 10 participants have the highest scores.
Top 10 Finalists
The “Top 10” finalists from each category will then enter into the final round of competition with a clean score card. The prior scores from the competition will be erased and the “Top 10” finalists will be judged based on one final question “Random Act of Kindness”.

The Final Question

The judges will ask each “Top 10” finalist the same question on random act of kindness and grade their responses based on the following:
1. Best random act of kindness;
2. Most composure and personality on stage; and
3. Greatest connection with judges and the audience during the round.
Crowning a Winner
After the “Final Question” round, the judges will tally their votes and choose 1 winner and 1 runner-up in each age division. All results are final and none of the judges’ paper score cards will be posted in any form. Each contestant can request a full breakdown of their tabulations in each round of competition approximately 10 business days after the competition.
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